Member Benefits

Member Benefits

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All documents are available in both PDF and Word (editable) formats to enable you to customise documents with your company logo, site addresses and signatures etc.. 

New documents are added regularly and all documents are constantly reviewed and when necessary are updated as legislation changes. Members are informed of new documents and updates. 

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Welsby Slater is not just your run-of-the-mill internet company providing downloads.

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A Legal Requirement

The law dictates that if your company employs five or more people, a written Health & Safety policy is mandatory.


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Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Investigations

Be prepared – there is no acceptable excuse:

If an incident, accident or near miss happens and your company is subject to an investigation by the authorities (i.e. the Health & Safety Executive) and you don’t have anything documented, you will be viewed poorly by the HSE. For example, if in simple terms, a worker falls off a ladder and has a very serious injury then the HSE will ask “what did you do to help prevent this?”

If you can say that your company has a Health & Safety policy in place, we carry out regular formal toolbox talks, we give all site personnel a formal induction before they start on work, we have guidelines on how to use ladders safely which are given to all workers, we have equipment inspections to make sure everything is safe to use and we have RAMS explaining how to use a ladder safely; then the HSE will accept that your company has done everything to minimise risk and it will be doubtful that the HSE would prosecute you.

If, on the other hand, you cannot provide such a standard because either you couldn’t be bothered, didn’t have time, it cost too much, or you weren’t aware of the law, etc., then the HSE could issue you an Improvement Notice or Prohibition Notice, or a Notice of Contravention, fine you under their Fee For Intervention Scheme or in a worst case scenario prosecute you by taking you to court.

Successful prosecutions result in hefty fines, suspended sentences, and community service, etc..


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Build Trust and Raise Standards

Together we can show respect in communities, care for the environment and the value of a good workforce.

By adopting and promoting the various Policies, Guidelines, Forms, Risk Assessments, etc. you will help companies and individuals to come and stay within the law and raise standards in construction.

Use of the 'Welsby Slater' Logo

When you subscribe to Welsby Slater it entitles you to use the ‘Welsby Slater’ logo on your letterhead, website and other promotional material to show that you have support for your Health & Safety policies and related documentation.