Frequently Asked Questions


If you’re in construction, fit-out or property refurbishment in England or Wales as an architect, designer or contractor yes they are.

Employers are responsible for protecting the safety of their employees at work by preventing potential dangers in the workplace and on construction sites. These documents help you to keep within the law.

If your company employs more than 5 people then yes they are!

The law dictates that if your company employs more than five people, a written Health & Safety policy is mandatory.

Click here for our Policy documents including Health & Safety: Policy Documents

As many times as you like, there is no restriction so you won’t get caught out by not having the documentation you need (in PDF or Word format) whether you’re on site or in the office. The subscription applies to all employees within your company.

Our work is on-gong and doesn’t stop when a Member joins. We are constantly expanding the range of valuable documents all aimed at making you and your business safer and more compliant. Also, all documents are up for constant review as laws and regulations change.

You will also receive our industry and news updates and notifications when new documents are added.

Policy statements identify the guiding principles of what is to be done. The statements are designed to influence decisions and define actions that are prudent, expedient or advantageous to your company.

When your membership starts you have full access to download all of the documents you require so our standard policy is not to offer refunds. However, if you have extenuating circumstances please let us know.

Yes you can cancel your membership at any time.

Yes it will, and we shall send you a reminder some weeks before it does so that should you wish to review anything, you’ll have time to do so.

Please let us know. Our mission is to constantly expand the range of documents available. If you let us know what you’re looking for we shall endeavour to add it, and when we do we’ll let you know it’s available for you to download.

From numerous company policy statements, best practice guidelines, RAMS, checklists and onsite forms, you will have access to a considerable and expanding resource to help keep you within the law and present a professional image to clients and employees alike.

You will also receive our regular industry and news updates and notifications when new documents are added.

We would value you as a Member and important part of our growing community!